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Tue Feb 20 06:23:22 EST 2018

Sureshvaracharya says in his vartika on the bhasya of Brihadarnyakopanishad that " All the different means by which people can  attain the knowledge of the self should be understood to be valid and there exists infinite ways.

Hare Krishna

Does this mean there are infinite ways exist to attain the SAME knowledge of the self??  I don’t think so in the light of shruti vAkya : nAnyaH panthA ayanAya vidyate and smruti vAkya : na hi jnAnena sadrushaM.  Anyway we have to understand statements like above in the context of shruti verdict.  For that matter within the vaidika mArga only jnana mArga preferred that too in a systematic way.  One cannot claim by following either of karma, bhakti, yOga, jnana one can attain the 'SAME' result.  I think Advaita tradition is more conservative when it comes to means to mOksha.  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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