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Since bhAshyakAra himself says here even non-dvija-s, stree-s are eligible for the attainment of knowledge through the prescribed means for them.  What exactly does it mean when we say 'shAstra is the ONLY ultimate (antya) pramANa for the jnana / mOksha when there is a means prescribed for the people who do not have shAstrAdhyayana adhikAra??  Do we have to understand when tradition says : shAstra is the only means, the term shAstra includes shruti, smruti, itihAsa, purANa etc. to accommodate 'all' in the mOksha mArga or otherwise shAstra means shruti / vedAnta which is the only means for those who have vedAdhikAra and others through other texts should get the chitta shuddhi and has to be born again in 'dvija kula' and do the shAstrAdhyayana in a traditional ways and then get the paramArtha jnana / mOksha ??  Just curious to know vidvadjanAbhiprAyaM with regard to this  :-)

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Namaste all,
In apaSudrAdhikaraNa, a treatise belonging to Brahmasutra- Acharya clearly concludes that Sudras have no right to access the srouta Brahmavidya (examples such as vidura and dharmavyadha are exceptional. Vidura does belong to a Brahmana father[Just like Aitereya] and the birth source for dharmavyadha is a mystery). Depending on the situation- what are the other means for a sudra to obtain the highest goal? Is it possible to realize Brahman without the help of Sruti, since the verse shastraYonitwat
(vice-versa) also needs to be taken under consideration.

P.S: No need to rage out. Question regarding scriptures should be dealt with scriptures.

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