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True but there is a story of Narada going to Dwaraka to see how Krishna is
managing to live with 16000 wives and the children and how is managing to
do Samsaara with all of them. Naarada saw Krishna has multiplied and made
Himself 16000 Krishnas. Every Krishna was living with one wife and taking
care of her and children. If Krishna can do that how can He neglect one
wife Jambavati and her son Samba? I think DP has made a mistake to say
Samba was a bad and neglected son of a good father. Even when Krishna was
going to Pandavas and Kauravas and doing politics in Hastinapura and
Indraprastha we have to think He multiplied Himself and was available in
every wife's house in Dwaraka.

The Narada story is given in 10-69 Bhagavatam. Conclusion is below.

10690410 śrī-śuka uvāca
10690411 ity ācarantaṁ sad-dharmān pāvanān gṛha-medhinām
10690413 tam eva sarva-geheṣu santam ekaṁ dadarśa ha
10690421 kṛṣṇasyānanta-vīryasya yoga-māyā-mahodayam
10690423 muhur dṛṣṭvā ṛṣir abhūd vismito jāta-kautukaḥ
10690431 ity artha-kāma-dharmeṣu kṛṣṇena śraddhitātmanā
10690433 samyak sabhājitaḥ prītas tam evānusmaran yayau
10690441 evaṁ manuṣya-padavīm anuvartamāno nārāyaṇo 'khila-bhavāya
10690443 reme 'ṇga ṣoḍaśa-sahasra-varāṅganānāṁ sa-vrīḍa-sauhṛda-nirīkṣaṇa-

Translation -

41)  Sri S'uka said: 'He [Nârada] thus saw Him present in one and the same
form in all the palaces where He performed the spiritual principles of
dharma that purify the householders. (42) After repeatedly having witnessed
Krishna's unlimited prowess in the elaborate manifestation of His *yogamâyâ*,
the seer filled with wonder stood amazed. (43) With [his witnessing
of] the *artha,
kâma* and dharma [civil duties of household life, see also 7.14], thus by
Lord Krishna's faithful heart thoroughly honored, he satisfied went away
with Him constantly in his mind. (44) Nârâyana who for the welfare of
everyone had manifested His potencies my dear, thus following the path of
human existence, enjoyed the shy affectionate glances and satisfied
laughter of His sixteen thousand most excellent women.

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>>> Namaste
>>> Samba and Ashwatthama played similar roles in Mahabharata. Ashwatthama
>>> destroyed Pandavas sons and Samba destroyed his own dynasty. Both have
>>> Amsha of Shiva in them. What will Shiva do? He is a destroyer. He is
>>> playing perfect role after Vishnu's role has ended. After the war
>>> Krishna's
>>> role ended. He had nothing to do. His Yaadava Vamsha is practically
>>> useless
>>> and they are simply wasting time. Therefore at that time Shiva as
>>> Ashwatthama and Samba destroyed everything.  Why should anybody or DP get
>>> upset with this? He should not blame Krishna. It is all Ishwara's Leela.
>> Yes, actually everything that happens is Ishwara's Leela.  The acts of
>> Duryodhana, Dussasana, etc. and Ravana, etc. are all necessary for the
>> final end to play out as per the pre-determined plot.  Thus, we have
>> nothing to learn from the events of the epics as they are part of the
>> divine plan.
>>   vs
>>> Moreover Krishna cannot mistreat Samba because he is coming from Shiva's
>>> boon. Krishna showed lot of respect for Durvasa Rishi - another Amsha of
>>> Shiva. Therefore Krishna cannot neglect Samba like that. He was giving
>>> equal treatment to all sons and all wives. Rukmini and Satyabhama were
>>> favourites but other wives never complained He was neglecting them.
>>> Similarly no son complained He was neglecting him.





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