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Dear Bhaskar,

This book is protected by copyright, so hopefully no one has put it on the
web. You can get second hand copies for as low as $7 on Amazon.com in the

In regard to this, a few points:

1. In the book “The jagadguru replies”, page 100, to the question “Does the
Acharyal opine that a householder cannot get jnana or attain moksha?”, the
answer is “Not at all. They can attain moksha. However, their path is more
arduous”, etc. I can type out the whole answer if there is any interest.

2. When you read bhAShyas, you need to be careful and apply the mImAmsA
principle of Anarthakya. In many places, what is said may correspond to the
normal case or the easier path to attain moksha. After all, Shankara was
presenting his teaching as an immediate means to attain Brahman and not
just some theory. I believe Marcaurelle has applied this sound mImAmsA
principle very well in his book.

3. It is also quite easy to fool oneself thinking that they have mentally
renounced. So there is that aspect to it. On the other hand, most sannyAsis
these days are not pure parivrAjakas either, and very involved in politics
and such. So it’s not like they can’t fool themselves either. The hard
facts of reality.


On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:29 PM Bhaskar YR <bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com> wrote:

> praNAms Sri rAma prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> Kindly let me know whether this book available anywhere in the net  in PDF
> format as I am not able to open the below link.
> Mental saNyAsa (tyAga) is what is required for the sincere mumukshu and
> saNyAsa as an Ashrama (Ashrama saNyAsa) gives that conducive environment to
> develop the tyAga manObhAva but Ashrama saNyAsa is not mandatory, is the
> topic we discussed in this list itself long time back.  Dr. Shyam prabhuji
> ( I have forgotten whether he is member of Advaita-L or advaitin and not so
> active nowadays) argued with the support of geeta and sUtra bhAshya that
> Ashrama saNyAsa sveekAra is a must formality to be followed if at all one
> wants the paramArtha jnana.  In the saNyAsa sveekAra samArambha Sri
> ChandramouLi avadhAni ( pUrvAshrama name, now Sri Adhvayanandendra
> Saraswati ) after taking deeksha said in anugraha Ashirvachana :  Those who
> studied shAstra and shankara bhAshya pursuing jnana mArga MUST take
> 'saNyAsa deeksha' lest it is clear that they have not understood Acharya
> upadesha properly with regard to Ashrama saNyAsa.  I always wondering how
> can this be when bhAshyakAra himself talking about the gruhastha  jnAni-s
> !!??  Perhaps saNyAsa Ashrama is a must for those who donot have capability
> to do inner saNyAsa while swimming in the samsara sAgara :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

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