[Advaita-l] 'About the Sankarṣa Kāṇḍa of the pūrva mīmāmsā'

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I have added this part to the article:

//Eminent scholar of VishishTAdvaita, Vidwan Sri K.E.Devanthan who is
almost always a part of the discussions involving the three schools,
http://www.svvedicuniversity.ac.in/press/vccharge.php  was in Bangalore a
few months ago delivering a talk at the Purna prajna Vidya peetha ( a
Madhva institution).  While addressing the gathering, where I was present,
he turned to the scholars of Dvaita seated in the front row and said 'You
and we accept the 'sa vishnuraaha hi..' which the Advaitins do not
accept'.  //


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> 'About the Sankarṣa Kāṇḍa of the pūrva mīmāmsā'
> An article on the above topic is posted here:
> https://adbhutam.wordpress.com/2018/02/23/about-the-sankarsha-kaanda/
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