[Advaita-l] Is Tirupati's Balaji a Buddhist deity (Avalokiteshwara

Kalyan kalyan_kg at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 25 09:18:25 EST 2018

//All old arguments repeated ad nauseum, stemming from the premise that Brahmins were usurpers of everything good in Buddhism.//

Similar claims are made by Jains also, that Tirumala is the temple of the Jain deity Neminatha.


We also see similar claims from Saivaites that the deity is either Shiva or Shakti or Ganapati or Skanda (they are unable to decide what it is) :). 

However, the Jain work Silapathikkaram should put to rest all speculations as it unambiguously identifies Venkateswara as Vishnu. All puranas also unambiguously identify it as Vishnu.

Having said that, personally, I wouldn't mind even if it is a Jain or Buddhist deity. yad bhAvam tad bhavati. 

I have had the fortune to take darshan at a very close range. It is one of the most beautiful idols of Vishnu that I have ever seen. (I can attest to it that it is the image of a male deity). The image is very peaceful and appears to be smiling at you!


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