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Thank you for sharing this.


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> Dear friends.An incident in Sri Bhagavan Ramana's life.
> Quote:
>  It was in 1940 that one day, oneof the devotees sitting in the hall
> raised the topic regarding the utility ofreading books on religion and
> philosophy,.
>  In reply Sri Bhagavan said:
> “You wake up in the morning and look into themirror and the mirror shows
> you that you have a growth and that you have to getrid of it.  You may go
> on looking into any number of mirrors; every mirrorwill tell you the same,
> but no mirror can ever shave you. You have to shaveyourself. Instead of
> wasting time looking into mirror after mirror it is bestto start shaving
> after having looked into the first mirror and known the truth.So also all
> the books will tell you the same truth perhaps in slightlydifferent ways.
> Instead of wasting time reading book after book why not realizefor yourself
> what  was obvious from the very first book”.
> [Mountain Path; January,1972]
> Justas it is fruitless for one to scrutanize the garbage which is to
> becollectively thrown away, so it is fruitless for one who is to know
> himself , to count the number and scrutinize theproperties of the tattvas
>  Whichare veiling oneself, instead of collectively casting all of them
> aside.
>                                    [ Who Am I?]
> Unquote.
> The readers / mumukshus can draw their own conclusions.With respectful
> namaskarsSreenivasa Murthy
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