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There are some important points in this video. Shunyavadi wants to prove
Pot is arising from Abhaava but not from some positive thing like Mruttika.
First he argues the shape of the clay ball is destroyed to get the pot.
Without destroying the ball shape of clay we cannot generate a pot.
Therefore there is Abhaava of the ball shape before pot is generated. That
Abhaava is the Karana for pot Karya. But Bhashyakaara says this is wrong.
The Karana for pot is not the ball shape of clay but the clay itself.

Another point here is Sankhyas say there can be intermediate Karanas
different from Moola Kaarana. From Atma Akasha was produced. From Akasha
Vaaya was produced. Akasha becomes Kaarana for Vaayu. But Vedantis don't
accept this. Akaasha is आकाश नाम रूप आपन्न Atma only. It is not different
from Atma. Therefore Atma is the Kaarana always in Vedanta.

Now Shunyavadi says show me pure clay without shape and form. Where is it?
Nowhere. Because nobody has seen clay with no shape and form. Some shape
and form will be there. That shape and form will get destroyed to produce a
pot. Therefore again some Abhaava is Kaarana for pot. But Bhashyakaara says
no this is not correct. When you produce pot from ball of clay, produce a
plate from some other shape of clay, produce a toy from some other shape of
clay and many things from clay what is the Anuvrutti in this? What is
common? Clay. Therefore clay is the Kaarana here. Not the shape.

Now Shunyavadi's younger brother Vijnanavadi comes to argue with
Bhashyakara. He says when you make a pot from a clay ball there the clay of
the clay ball and the clay of the pot are not the same. There is no
Anuvrutti. There is only Sadrushya. The two clays are similar but you think
they are same. How? The clay ball is existing in the mind only but not
outside. It is a thought only. The pot of clay is also existing in the mind
as a thought. The two thoughts are not the same. Therefore the knowledge
content of the two thoughts also are not same. The clay in the first
thought cannot be the same clay in the second thought.

The Bhashyakara now gives fitting reply. He says this is not correct. The
Pratyaksha Pramana is showing us the particles of the clay in the clay ball
are also there in the clay pot after pot construction. Therefore the clay
of the clay ball is the same clay of the clay pot. When Pratyaksha is
telling us one thing the Anumana Pramana cannot cancel it. Why? Because
Anumana is dependent on Pratyaksha. We have to accept Pratyaksha only.

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