[Advaita-l] The Vibhutis of Brahman are non-different from Brahman

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 . For someone who has followed the BG from the beginning, along
with the Bhashya, there is no difficulty in gleaning the complete teaching
of the Mahavakya in the 10th chapter.

-----------Just on the lighter side-
11th Chapter follows the 10th Chapter,

where Lord shows the viswarupa darshanam which is the same as Iswara darshanam. In the 10th Chapter only the vibhuti's are pointed out but in the 11th Chapter, He shows that not only the glories but even the un-glorious parts of the creation are also his swaruupam - Not only Devas on one side but even the rakshas on the other side - Total creation is himself. In the first two slokas of the 11th Chapter, Arjuna summaries the teaching up to that point (as per Swami Paramarthanandaji discourses) which involves both tat and tvam pardartha vichaaras. I had posted a  long time ago the series on Iswara Darshanam based on Swami Paramarthanandaji talks.
 Hari Om!

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