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When this topic came up for discussion in another group, I called up a
person of  Sringeri peetham and he said that for those who have to
participate in Lalitha Homa, initiation is required but not for just the
parayana or uttering the 1000 names. For instance for the past several
decades there is a Sahasranama pada puja seva in the presence of the
Jagadguru daily where visitors/devotees from other places participate by
paying a particular fee.  For this the LS alone is used. They give plates
full of coins to the participants and the purohita utters the nama and the
karta repeats. In many cases the kartas themselves know it by heart and
they freely recite namas and do the archana. No initiation is made here
before the puja.

There is another seva, trishati, pada puja, where too Lalita trishati alone
is used.  The other one is 108 where the earlier Acharya's ashtottaram
composed by the present Jagadguru is used.

For Lalita homa specific ritviks are invited before hand and they all would
have had the upadesha.


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> praNAms
> Hare Krishna
> Even stOtra also??  Like trishati, ashtottara etc.
> Hari hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
> Even parayana is 'strictly prohibited' for un-initiates as per shrIvidya
> sampradAya.
> rgs,
> sriram
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