[Advaita-l] Previous Kali Yugas in Shastras?

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"Bhagavata Puarana has mention about Kali Yuga of previous cycle. Narada’s
past life story is a part of that episode.

Kaka Bhusundi, the crow devotee of Lord Rama is said to be eternal across
different times.

The Story comes in Yoga Vashistha first and then in Rama Charita Manasa.

Kaka (crow) Bhusundi claimed to have seen Rama- Ravana and Mahabharata
battles several times with different out comes each time. Then he lost
interest in it and stopped following. He is livign since last 27 kalpas,
hence he is here longer than manvantara itself.

He explained above fact to Garuda."

Cut pasted from online answer to the same question. It's veracity needs to
be checked esp. the statement that kakabhusundi had seen the Rama-Ravana
battle several times over with *different outcomes* too. Thats quite


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> Namaskara,
> In the shastras we see events from previous yugas in previous eons
> described in detail, why don't we see any events from previous kali yugas
> similarly described? Is it because in kali yuga there are no righteous
> people left to record and pass down tradition? Or is there another reason?
> Santosh
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