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The Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote has released its publications
recently in a function held in Hassan on 05-03-2017. Here follows the


(Sanskrit- Translation and notes in Kannada, Pages-72, Price Rs 60/-)
This is the work of renowned Sri. Madhusudana Sarasvati. It declares that
all our ancient scriptures have their essence in one entity that is the
Supreme Being. May there be hundreds of branches of knowledge yet all of
those invariably lead to one Ultimate Principle governing everything. This
work is translated and critically edited by Prof. Srinivasa Varakhedi, and
published by ASR Melkote.

*Melkote* *Kshetraparichaya*- (Kannada, Pages-86, Price Rs 26/-)
This is a handy book containing useful information about Melkote. It is
edited by the director and the registrar ASR, written by research scholar
Vid S.N. Sampatkumaran.

*Alvararu*- (Kannada, Pages-86, Price Rs 32/-)
This little book gives brief accounts of celebrated Tamil saints of
Vaishnava tradition. They have composed songs in Tamil extolling the glory
of Lord Srimannarayana. ASR Vid.K.N.Rangapriya, Vid.S.N. Anandalvar and
Vid.S.N. Sampatkumaran have jointly written the work and edited by ASR

*Sri Sharadadashakam and Sanatanadharmatattvashatakam- *
(Sanskrit and English, Pages-84, Price Rs 70/-)
 This book is authored by Prof. M.V. Nadkarni. The invocatory ten verses
extol the goddess of speech and the eternal values imbibed in our Dharma
are poetically versed in Sanskrit. Transliteration and translation of those
in English by the author are an added value for the title. It is edited by
Prof. Veeranarayana N.K. Pandurangi, Director ASR and published by ASR.

*Amarakosha* *CD*- (Sanskrit, Price Rs 80/-) - This educational CD contains
Amarakosha verses in Sanskrit. Meaning in Kannada, English and Hindi for
each word of the text is given. Noun Declensions are also available for the
words. This program is developed by ASR Vid. M.P. Shelvanarayan assisted by
research team.

*Tattvadipa*-15 (Yearly Journal)- (Pages-150, Price Rs 100/-)
This is the yearly research journal of ASR. It has some 15 articles in
three languages namely Sanskrit, Kannada, and English on different
subjects. Here attached is toc.

See attachment here:

VN Pandurangi
Director ASR

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