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<< I am a little bit confused here. So taking this and the previous
what is bhAskara's opinion? >>,


I am posting this as there has been no response to the above post by

Sri Ananthakrishna Shastry  has translated into English the commentary of
Sri Bhaskararaya on Sri Lalithasahasranama. In his introduction to this
work, he makes the following observation

Quote   << I have added to this book the Sanskrit text corrected and
carefully prepared according to the commentary for the use of  pArAyaNa (
the daily reading). The thousand names are thousand mantras. I used to
witness in many houses and temples where LaitAsahasranAma Archana was
performed on Fridays and other auspicious occasions, the performers and
pUjAris owing to their ignorance torture the names………I hope this edition
will be useful for the correct performance of the pUjA  in the north as
well as in the south.>>  Unquote.

Clearly  Sri  Ananthakrishna  Shastry himself has thereby confirmed that
there is no bar stated in the commentary  of Sri  Bhaskararaya  regarding
the recitation or pArAyaNa  or archana  using  Sri LaitAsahasranAma by the



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