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"saints will allow one to touch their feet while others do not"
Dear Kartik,                     There exists a sphere always around the saints which you call it as 'Aura' i.e a positive vibration of energy in the form of light around the human body. To get in to that sphere , one has to get his permission or willingness. It is easier to enter into that sphere from the fear rather than from the top as it is controlled by his guru.
Why Some saints will not allow to touch their feet is, unnecessarily with out know the mental state of the others, their aura may get disturbed and what ever they are getting from his preceptor is also gets disturbed.
One of the scientific reason behind the worshipping of the feet is that during the intense japan, the kundalini is awakened and most of its energy lies in that feet in the saints  & more over the during the shakti path, the transfer of the bio-energy i.e kundalini occurs via the feet (some greats souls may do my simple touch or divine look also). So feet of the saints are having the the energy i.e power of the uplifted kundalini. That could be the reason that one may avoid to touch their feet.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara
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Hari OM!

Revered Self,

I have noticed that some God Realized saints will allow one to touch their
feet while others do not, some will not even allow one to touch them, what
is the secret to this behavior?
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