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praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In essence, no one else can certify that somebody is a Jeevan Mukta since everything is only at the transactional level.

Ø   Yes, shankara observes this in sUtra bhAshya 4th adhyAya.  He explains jnAni’s jnana is ‘sva hrudaya pratyayaM’.

However, based on their activities in terms of loka kalyanaam, we revere mahatmas as Jeevan Muktas, not to certify them, but follow their footsteps for our own evolution. As the saying goes, we assume that all acharyas are Jeevan Muktas unless they prove themselves otherwise.

Ø   For that matter, even if there is some questionable or objectionable activities from the mukta-s / jnAni-s ( as per our perception), that won’t hinder our Shraddha that they are indeed jnAni-s since we have the extra cushion of avidyA lesha and prArabdha karma to accommodate these activities during the stay of these jnAni-s in their physical bodies ☺ is it not??

At least in that way we can mature our minds until we recognize that everyone is a jeevanmukta since all are Brahman only whether we or they recognize them as such or not, is it not?

Ø     Absolutely.  Can these socalled upAdhi-s exist apart from brahman when brahman is the efficient and material cause of this whole universe??  Hence shruti and smruti says he is sarvendriya pANipAdaM and at the same time sarvendriya vivarjitaM.

Every disciple feels his guru is a Jeevan Mukta, and that is needed so that he has faith in the teachings of his guru. That way at least the disciple can become a Jeevan Mukta.

Ø     Yes, it is hard to digest but it is a fact that attributing Jeevan muktatva to our paraMpara guru-s is quite subjective and it is not wise to argue with others  that it has to be an universal and unambiguous truth.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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