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Tue Jun 26 08:43:45 EDT 2018

Bhaskar ji
The point being made by Subbuji is different. The vaishnavas and other
dualists don't dare to say that even devottama hari with chaturbhujas etc
is also a costume. For the dualists,  only the avatAras like Krishna
Bhagavan ate the costume which come and go. The one Being who manifested
these avatAras is himself said to permanent eternally have the costume of
four arms etc. That begs the question - what is the svarUpa of that Being
who takes on avatara costume whenever there is devata in dharma. What is
the nature of the who has donned even this devottama hari costume. It can't
be another nAmarUpa costume. That leads to anavasthA.

 It is revealed as nirguNa, nirvisheSha tattvaM. Only Shankara dares to
call a costume a costume, all the way .

The dualists don't want to accept that the ultimate truth is not one more
nAmarUpa costume and so they  stop with one particular iShTa devatA costume
as eternally existent .

As for the dvaitins being formidable pUrvapaxis , thats understandable
because they have invested so much emotion in to a particular theology.
They can hardly let their illusion drop without a fight. It takes special
grace of Bhagavan to dare to understand and accept advaita.

But one good thing is that indian dualists like the followers of Ramanuja,
Madhva and the Buddha have never engaged in mass violence on other
non-believers, notwithstanding the occasional exchange of fistcuffs in
temples over theological issues like whether the temple elephant should be
marked one way or another.

Perhaps this is due to the moderating influence of advaita on Indian

The non Indian dualists on the other hand have killed millions in crusades
and jihads.

Just my 2c


On Tue 26 Jun, 2018, 5:39 PM Bhaskar YR via Advaita-l, <
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> This is something Shankara alone will dare to say which is blasphemy for
> others. They can't tolerate the idea of the bodies of Bhagavan (aka
> avatara-s) originating and disappearing. A neo-Vaishnava will never be
> able to stomach this 'outrageous' observation of Shankara.
> praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> The vaishNava saMpradAya look at it from another perspective, yes, they do
> agree devOttama hari does change his costumes whenever he wants and
> whenever there is demand ( yadAyadAhi dharmasya glAnir bhavati) but it
> would be under his control and he knows / remembers those costumes and
> capable as well to wear those costumes multiple times.  It (avatAra) is his
> wish....but jeeva /s do not have this power, the costumes and stage of
> performance will be decided by this super power..and this karmAdhyaksha
> bestow the karma phala to these jeeva-s.  Hence jeeva and jagat will be
> under his control and he himself is ever free to wear anything anytime, me
> may wear  lion head sometimes, become fish, pig, tortoise  some times,
> become smart king maker sometime and become epitome of dharma as well
> sometime..It does not mean devottama is subject to decay and death and it
> is just like removing the costumes when the purpose is served and wearing
> it again when needed :-)
> And more importantly a vaishNava holds this point and tries to defeat the
> theory of eka Chaitanya vAda, see there is bhagavAn word that there is the
> difference between jeeva Ishwara from the time immemorial and there is
> different Chaitanya-s changing their upAdhi-s without remembering it and
> there is one parama Chaitanya which is controlling all this :-)  You know,
> we cannot mess with these dvaitins they are formidable pUrva paxis whenever
> we are trying to push anything under the tag of 'advaita' when krishna
> talking about the 'bheda' :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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