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>  Sri Bhaskarji
> The issue is to reconcile Krishna's statements that -
> 1. It is very very difficult to attain him. 2. And many have attained him.
The issue for non-advaitic thinkers about advaitic understanding is this;

1. The very term "māṁ vetti tattvataḥ" is quite irreconcilable given the
advaitic framework. Given that Shankara denies pramAtR^itva of the Self (
 in BU2.4.14), there is no question of vetti of Krishna is talking about.

2. Given that Krishna said others have attained HIM, it is irreconcilable to
do non-duality of Krishna.

3. Given that only few will attain/attained Him, it  irreconcilable to do
non-duality between those who attained and those who do not.

4. Given the past tense usage (many have attained Him), it is irreconcilable to
the fact that why this dvavda-prapanch continue to exist when a single
instance of jIva has already attained in the past. Does this means mOxa and
bhanda avasta co-exist in parallel? What happen to the denial of duality?


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