[Advaita-l] Karma Dictates Destiny

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 Dear Sir,                We all struggle through many difficulties to reach the Brahman in respective lives and In between we come across Friends & enemies. The basic notation is that who ever gives the benefit action is friend and the inflicts harm is an enemy. If you give a though deeper, in reality there is no friend or an enemy exists. It is our own Karmas (past deeds) which frutify in the form of friends and enemies. Where as some of the actions ripens instantly and some of our actions continues to remain in several lives. Those actions take the shape of our own destiny. It is through our own karma's which paves path of our destiny. Without understanding this simple concept people acts in serendipity  to develop tension results in violence. When some one caught in such situation, rememeber the Tulasi Das's Chaupai:(Sri Ramacahrita Manas: Ayoghya Kanda)
"Kaahu Na Kou Sukh Dukh Kar DaataaNikakrit Karam Bhoga Sabu Bharaata"
This comes from the tragic seen during the coronation of Sri Rama, Rama consoles his brother Lakshmana that  ever thing happening as a part of divine play. When Lakshmana said that we are responsible for the good/bad fruits of our past deeds, he mentions that we have no freedom in choosing the actions. Then Rama tells him that " It is the divine play of the destiny as no choice exists, you just follow my footsteps by controlling the mind. 

My conclusion is that " No body is capable of giving happiness or sorrow to any one and everything is the Frutification of one's own deeds, no body is responsible for the cause of our pleasure or pain. 

If you realize that all our problems is all self-created desitny, tension disappear, minds are filled with strength & courage to endure the sorrow. The fruits of the karma's are inevitable and they have to be endured in any way.

Although each time I am comming to the same end point by taking different notions and my objective to post this is to "How to get strength to face off the karma's -fruits"? 
Learned members Please put views cordially.
Source: Master Sitamra Das Omakarnath DevSri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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