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The vedas are a pramANa, a means of knowledge. When will a pramANa be a
pramANa? If there is a knower, who uses the pramANa to know the known. What
do the Veda's ultimately reveal? That Brahman is the only reality. That is,
apart from Brahman, there is nothing. What is Brahman? It is the jIva
himself. Thus apart from the essence of the jIva, there is nothing else.
Everything that appears, is that essence, the jIva's svarUpa. Thus once
this is known- the knower, the known and the means of knowledge are all
understood as Brahman, and nothing else. Therefore, because there is
nothing further to be known, and because the division of the one Brahman
into a knower, known and the means of knowledge is revealed to be unreal,
the Veda is no more veda.


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> Pranam to all.
>                        I am reading a book entitled "Vedanta Sangraha of
> Ramaraya Kavi "  the essential of Vedanta, which edited by prof., R.
> Balasubramanian Sir & S. Revathy  Mam.  this book is mostly similar to Adi
> Sankaracharya Philosophy,  for which/ he is known as Avinavb Sankara.In the
> introduction Part, he discussed in the context of nature and work of Sruti,
> where he discussed   " one who is ignorant of the truth need pramana, and
> not one has already known the truth. to one who has realised Brahman-atman,
> which is real (satyam), the Veda is no more Veda, as declared by the
> Upanisad. " this sentence, I didn't understand please narrate it briefly.
> Thank you
> pranam to all.
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