[Advaita-l] Ghost of the mind

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Fri Mar 2 05:15:45 EST 2018

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Since you are not at all new to dvaitins' objection, I don’t have to elaborate on the objections they would come up with regard to shankA vishA resulting in nija mrutyu :-)  Anyway, here is one of those versions of vAdAvaLi's vAda lahari :-)

You are saying shankA visha may bring the real mruthyu like wet dream which is not real but gives real ejaculation etc.) likewise shAstra which is not real and avidyaka  may give you the 'real' mOksha and mOksha is also not real since in your books baNdha itself not real and again bandha mOksha vyavahAra the pramAtru-pramANa-prameya vyavahAra too not real and avidyaka shAstra which you are claiming not directly pointing its finger at Atman since Atman in Advaita is aprameya...So, shAstra which is antya pramANa for you to establish Atman astitva  or its svayaM siddhatva etc. is in its very nature avidyaka and NOT a direct source to 'know' / realize Atman.  And again, when it comes to avidyaka shAstra and nija mOksha which you are claiming holds water  only in vyavahArika where pramANAdi vyavahAra is true but in paramArtha no triputi (like jnAtru, jneya, jnana) since it is ekamevAdviteeyaM and nehanAnAsti kiMchana.  So, the bifurcation what you are doing between vyavahAra and paramArtha is again  in the realm of vyavahAra only where a pramAtru classifying in pramANa shAstra and getting the prama i.e. something  vyavahArika and something else as pAramAthika !!  Since pramAtru himself is avidyAtmaka  his conclusion about pAramAthika too can be avidyaka, there is no guarantee that avidyAtmaka / unreal  vyavahAra would always bring real  jnana (like shankA visha and nija mruthyu) since in your school real mruthyu itself (mOksha itself) is kevala vyAvahArika satya or unreal...Ultimately by the over influence and unchallenged power of  avidyA whatever you say about paramArtha falls under avidyA kshetra only hence your school will not be in a position to even establish the existence of Atman and what to talk about its nirguNatva and nirvisheshatva etc.  So no surprise when someone calls your school 's doctrine is a  modified version of  buddhistic shUnyavAda and advaitains are pracchanna bauddha-s.  

I don’t know whether objections like this will be there in madhva's genuine works but vAdAvali dvaita scholars do have plenty of objections like this and they never ever tired to protect the veda from advaitins  :-) 

Once a sincere advaiti suggested me : don’t open your mouth to defend Advaita because as soon as you open your mouth, they (dvaitins) sit on your neck and scream you are already talking dvaita :-) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

Unreal cause results in real effect

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