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> 1) In the case of a dream, even if we assume that only the artha is mithyA,
> it is svapna jnAna in association with svapna artha that wakes up the
> sleeper. The vyAghra jnAna can do its job only with a vyAghra, even if it
> happens to be a svapna vyAghra. Thus artha avacChinna jnAna that is the
> cause - in effect, the mithyA artha is fundamentally necessary for the
> svapna jnAna's sAdhakatva. Thus a mithyA vastu does achieve an outcome.

Yes artha, the dream object is also required. Otherwise within a dream if I
see the photograph of a tiger in a dream book, the vyAghra jnAna does
indeed happen in the dream antahkaraNa when I see the dream photo of a
tiger. But this is not enough to wake us up. The dream artha viewed as real
within the dream is essential to wake us up. So artha-avacchinna jnAnam
alone works.

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