[Advaita-l] RksUktasaMgraha from Vidya Bharati Press, Sringeri

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 8 08:53:59 EST 2018

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the book RksUktasaMgraha at the
Vidya Bharati Press, Bengaluru. This is, no doubt, an immensely useful book
for Rgvedins. Many sUktas for use in pUjAs, homas, etc. are scattered in
different places in the Rgvedic Samhita and it is, obviously, immensely
convenient if all the sUktas related to a diety are available as a
contiguous set of mantras. This is exactly what the book does. For
instance, the gaNesha sUkta consists of the following sUktas:
Rg Veda Mandala 8, sukta 81, R^ik's 1-9, Mandala 10 sukta 112  R^ik's 9-10,
and Mandala 2, sukta 23, R^ik  1. The RksUktasaMgraha does the job of
connecting all these sUktas and presenting them as a contiguous set of
mantras for convenience of students and practitioners.

The book has been the effort of Ve. Bra. Shri Narendra Bhat, Sadvidya
Rgveda Pathashala, Adi Shankara Janmabhumi Kshetra, Kalady.There are
literally hundreds of such connected and contiguously presented sUktas in
the book. With the help of the book, I am able to re-start my regular
pArAyaNa of many sUktas that I had reserved only for special occasions. As
an example, I was in the habit of reciting the varuNa and parjanya sUktas
during the hot summer months, since they produce a distinct cooling effect.
However, I was very irregular in doing this on a daily basis even during
the hot season. Now, with the help of this book I am able to continue the
practice with minimal effort.

The book bears a very nominal price of Rs. 100.


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