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BEAUTIFUL. Thank you. When is Sri Tulsidas Jayanti per western calendar?

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> Dear Friends,                       Tulsidas was bornon saptami, the
> bright half of thelunar month Shraavana  a village Sukarkhet, Soron, near
> Kasganj, UP(Varahakshetra) on the banks of the river Ganga. His parents
> wereHulsi and Atmaram Dubey. Sources identify him as a Saryupareen Brahmin
> of the ParasharGotra(lineage). Veni Madhav Das's account in the Mula Gosain
> Charita, whichgives the year of Tulsidas' birth as VikramiSamvat 1554 and
> the total life span of Tulsidas equal to 126 years. Legend goes that
> Tulsidas was born afterstaying in the womb for twelve months, he had all
> thirty two teeth in his mouthat birth, his health and looks were like that
> of a five-year-old boy, and hedid not cry at the time of his birth but
> uttered Rama instead. He wastherefore named Rambola (literally, he who
> uttered Rama), asTulsidas himself states  & as per theMula Gosain Charita,
> he was born under the Abhuktamūla constellation, which according to
> astrology causes immediate danger to the life of the father. Due to
> theinauspicious events at the time of his birth, he was abandoned by his
> parentson the fourth night, sent away with Chuniya,  afemale servant of
> Hulsi. In his works Kavitavali and Vinayapatrika,Tulsidas attests to his
> parents abandoning him after birth due to aninauspicious astrological
> configuration. Chuniya took the child to her village of Haripur and looked
> after him for five and a half years after which she died.Rambola was left
> to fend for himself as an impoverished orphan, and wanderedfrom door to
> door begging for alms. It is believed that the goddess Parvatiassumed the
> form of a Brahmin woman and fed Rambola every day.At the age offive years,
> Rambola was adopted by Narharidas, a Vaishnava ascetic the disciple of
> Anantacharya. Rambola was given the ViraktaDiksha (Vairagi initiation) with
> the new name of Tulsidas. Tulsidasnarrates the dialogue that took place
> during the first meeting with his guru ina passage in the Vinayapatrika.
> When he was seven years old, his Upanayana  was performed by Narharidas on
> the fifthday of the bright half of the month of Maghaat Ayodhya, a
> pilgrimage-site related to Rama. Tulsidasstarted his learning at Ayodhya.
> After some time, Narharidas took him to aparticular Varaha Kshetra Soron(a
> holy place with temple dedicated to Varaha– the boar avatar of Vishnu),
> where he first narrated the Ramayana to Tulsidas.Tulsidas mentions this in
> the Ramcharitmanas.
> Tulasidas married Ratnavali in 1583 on 13th bright fortnight of Jyeshtha.
> As Ratnavali was beautiful and accomplished , Tulasi was passionately
> attached to her. It was like this that he could not bear a moment's
> separation from her & wouldn't let her go th her parent's home even on a
> short visit.Renunication: One it happened that when Tulasi was not at home,
> Ratnavali's brother came to fetch her to her parent's house with great
> persuation in the absence of Tulasi. On his retrun to home, Tulasi found
> her absent at home and rushed to his in-law's place by swimming the yamuna
> river in the night. Ratnavali was greatly embrassed, angry, scolded her
> tulasi " he will attain freedom from the fear of transmigration" if he
> dedicates himself half to his lord Rama  as much as he was to her body of
> flesh & bones.It is said that true love to be diverted from mundane to
> spiritual & requires strong rebuke. Ratnavali's words sharp as arrows,
> pierced Tulasi's conscience and his eyes workup to the universe of Rama
> (initial seed for writing of Ramacharita Manas) as he closed to them to the
> material world.
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara
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