[Advaita-l] Shankara's "Atma jnAnopadesha vidhiH"

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The book 'Advaita Vedanta Literature - A bibliographical Surevey',
Thangaswamy, 1980, University of Madras, on p.119 lists the name 'Atma
jnanopadesha vidhi' as that of Shankaracharya.  It also says there are two
commentaries to it: Ramachandra Saraswati and Anandagiri. The latter has
been published along with 11 other prakaranas of Shankara by the
Dakshinamurti Peetham, Varanasi long ago. Anandgiri's Tika is quiate
elaborate and deep.  It is worth studying this work with the Tika.


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> Dear Sirs,
> There is a text with the title "Atma jnAnopadesha vidhiH" attributed to
> Shankara.
> Is there any information available on the authenticity of this prakaraNa
> grantha?
> I will be obliged to receive any observations / comments on the above text.
> Warm regards,
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