[Advaita-l] Buddha confirmed to preexisting social norms of the Vedic society of his time

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Here is a study that cites the Buddhist texts to show that the caste system
was happily accepted therein:


And also this:

[PDF]Buddhism and the Caste System


by Y Krishan - ‎Cited by 8
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> Namaste
> The relevance of the above topic is I admit somewhat indirect to
> Vedic/vedantic study. But since it's claimed by a few that Vedic society
> was supposedly inequitous while the Buddha was ostensibly a reformer, i
> wanted to share this blog post from the blog of Dr.Koenraad Elst.
> http://koenraadelst.blogspot.in/2012/05/buddha-and-caste.html?m=1
>                Indians and Westerners who know Buddhism through Dr. Bhimrao
> Ambedkar and other modern pamphlet literature,  sometimes believe that the
> Buddha started a movement of social reform, mobilizing against caste and
> recruiting among low-caste people. As against this, Chinese and Japanese
> Buddhists who have studied their religion only through its source texts,
> think that Buddhism was an elite movement, recruiting among the upper
> castes and patronized by kings and magnates. We will argue that these
> believers are right, while the neo-Buddhists in India and outside
> enthusiasts in the West are wrong.

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