[Advaita-l] Levitating Saint -Practisioner of Hatha Yoga

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Mon Mar 19 04:16:44 EDT 2018

Dear Friends,                            Nagendra nath Bhaduri,The LevitatingSaint was named as Bhaduri Mahasaya by his beloved disciplines.Mukunda(paramahamsa yogananda) was a daily visitor of this yogi during hiscollege days in Calcutta. Bhadurimahasaya was an extra-ordinary expert in hatha yoga. When he practicesBhastrika pranayama in vajrasan(type of pranayama where breathing done in power and pace)there would be a feeling of a storm in that room.When he practices some yogakriya he himself would goes up and stayed in air!.Bhaduri mahasaya alwaysstayed at home and he merely went out of home. He allowed only few visitors andusually loved loneliness. But yogananda always allowed to visit him withoutpermission. After collegeyogananda used to visit Bhaduri mahasaya. Bhaduri mahasaya used to teachyogananda many spiritual things. Bhaduri mahasaya was born in a rich family andhe left all his wealth and lead a spiritual life who lived in Kolkata duringlate 18th century and early 19th century. He often used to say that "The One who gaveus air and milk from our first breath knows how to provide day by day for hisdevotees". He used  go often into the silence, but one has to develop anubhava (actual perception of God) otherwise sadhana is not fruitful.The divine order arranges our future more wiselythan any insurance company. The master's concluding words were the realizedcreed of his faith. “The world is full of uneasy believers in an outwardsecurity".
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara


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