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Tue Mar 20 03:03:34 EDT 2018

Hare Krishna

Paramahamsa's  explanation reminds me tattvavAda theory about nitya mukta, mukti yOgya and adhama jeeva-s, who never ever want to come out of samsara bandha like worm in filth.  And for that matter shankara too talks about highly elevated souls like apAntaratama-s (the perfectionists or ever purists ), who work as messenger of god whenever situation demands  and other mukta jeeva-s who just gets mukti and remains in muktAvasthA without any special engagements  :-) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

 Once the Divine Master said that there exsists four classes of human beings: the bound, those aspiring after liberation,the liberated, and the ever-perfect. 

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