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On Thu, 15 Feb 2018, Shashwata Shastri via Advaita-l wrote:

> Jaladhar Vyas Ji,
> Gadadhari Naya. If any works in English,Bengali or Sanskrit is available it
> will be a great help for me.

Sorry for the late reply.  Gadadhara Bhattacharya is best known for 
his tika on Raghunatha Tarka Shiromani Bhattacharyas Didhiti commentary on 
Gangesha Upadhyayas Tattva Chintamani. It is popularly known as Gadadhari. 
He has also written a number of independent theses or vadas on various 
topics in navya nyaya.  The sanskrit originals of all of these are 
available at the usual sites such as DLI and archive.org.  The Gadadhari 
has not been translated as far as I know.  The problem is the kind of 
people who could understand its highly intricate mathematical logic 
typically don't understand Sanskrit while those who are capable of 
translating sanskrit are unfamiliar with logic.

Of his other works, (shabda)shaktivada, vyutpattivada, and visheyatavada 
have been translated into English and Hindi.

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