[Advaita-l] Core Advaita in the Srimad Bhaagavatam

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Fri Mar 23 06:01:32 EDT 2018

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> Pranams,
> If I remember correctly, Sri VallabhAchArya ji has quoted Srimad bhagavat
> in gItA bhAshya.

I read somewhere that Dr.B.N.K.Sharma (Dvaita) has identified a verse from
the Srimad Bhagavatam in the Gita commentary of Abhinava Gupta who is even
earlier to Ramanuja.  However, the exact verse cited is not known.


> ​I have translated Kapila Gita from Guajrati here
> https://indiaspirituality.blogspot.in/2014/07/english-
> translation-of-kapila-gita-full.html
> It is about both Jnana and Bhakti​
> Hari OM

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