[Advaita-l] 'Bhasma Lepanam' in Chanakya Neeti

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सज्जनसङ्गे संप्राप्ते समस्तनियमैरलम्।
तालवृन्तेन किं कार्यं लब्धे मलयमारुते।।
                                              cited by Ramana Maharshi.
మనసు స్వాధీనమైన యా ఘనునికి మరి మన్త్రతన్త్రమేల
తనువు తాను గాదని ఎంచు వానికి తపము సేయగనేల దశరథబాల
ఆజన్మము దుర్విషయరహితునికి గతానుగతికమేల
                                             Tyagaraja kriti
" Of what use is mantra or tantra to that great man who has his mind under
his control?
O son of Dasaratha! Why should one, who does not consider his body to be
his self, do penance?
For a person who shunned bad sensual enjoyments  lifelong , of what use are
sampradayika rituals?"


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> 'Bhasma Lepanam' in Chanakya Neeti
> Chanakya 4 BCE,
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chanakya#cite_note-Miles1981-47, in his
> 'Chanakya Neeti', says this in the very first verse of the 15th chapter:
> यस्य चित्तं द्रवीभूतं कृपया सर्वजन्तुषु l
> तस्य ज्ञानेन मोक्षेण किं जटाभस्मलेपनैः ll – चाणक्य नीति
> He whose heart melts and liquefies in compassion for all beings, for him,
> what have matted hair and application of ashes, got to do with knowledge
> and liberation?
> The above reveals that even before two millennia there was the practice of
> 'bhasma lepanam' by those aspiring for Jnana, and through that, Moksha.
> See image of the verse and Hindi commentary here:
> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2047616018585082&set=a.
> 697484646931566.1073741827.100000101118270&type=3&theater
> Om Tat Sat
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