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Beautiful gems. I may share these in facebook lists. 
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Sayingsof Kabir:1. The life is passed in turning the beads, but the darkness of the heart isnot destroyed. Leave the turning of beads by the hand, but turn the beads ofyour mind.2. If you have no devotion to God, you will not gain anything by pilgrimage. You may roam over the country and yet your heart will be impure. The manwho has gone to Varanasi to see Lord Viswanath, but has not destroyedhypocrisy, lust and greed and has no devotion, will gain nothing.3.  I am very fond of the words of my sweetheart— Beloved (God). I do notget any solace if anybody tries to console me in other ways. If you make afish lie on a golden cot and give it ambrosia to drink, it will surely die inno time.4. The diamond appraiser only can know the value of the diamond. Kabir says:only he who has developed devotion can attain God.5. Show thou a rose to him that shows  thee a thorn. To thee there isalways a rose; to him there is a thorn for ever more.6. Have no faith in this perishable body. Remember the Lord by all yourbreaths; that is the only way to salvation.7. "Why dost thou trample upon me?" crieth the earth to thepotter, "A day will come when I shall trample upon thee."8. The body is an inn and the mind a bird that has willingly taken a lodgingin it. It is but a truism that none is none's relative.9.  'Virtue' abides where there is compassion, 'vice' where there is greed;'death' where there is wrath, and the Lord Himself where there is forgiveness.10. Every forest does not contain a sandal tree; every army does not containa real soldier; every sea does not contain pearls; even so, a Sadhu or a saintor a Mahatma is not found everywhere in the world.11. Have patience; everything comes out in time. The gardener waters theplant daily, but it bears fruit only in season.12.  If I turn the whole earth into paper, all  the trees into pens and theseven seas into ink, even then the greatness of the Lord cannot be fullydescribed.13. There is no greater evil than a bad word; it burns everything into ashes.A kind word is, on the contrary, like rain that falls in nectar-like torrents.14. A word is priceless if one knows how to use it. Let every word be weighedin the scales of the heart before it is given out.15. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, nor till the eveningwhat you can do this very moment; for you know not when death may overtake you,upsetting all your plans.16. He alone is the hero who has all the five senses at his command.  He   who   has   no   such   control   never approachesthe Lord.17. A dumb man, having tasted sugar, cannot express its taste. Even so, theexperience of Self-realisation cannot be expressed.18. Just as sugar toys are made of sugar and sugar exists in all of them,even so, the whole universe exists in Brahman and Brahman in it.19. The sugar and the sugar toys are not two things; they both are one.Similarly, when real knowledge dawns, the manifold universe appears as one.20. Just as the tree is in the seed and the seed in the tree, even so is theworld in Brahman.
  Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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