[Advaita-l] Kailaasa Vaasa song by Vijaya Dasaru

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A song on Siva by Hari Bhakta Vijaya Dasaru sung by Cochin singer Raghuram
Krishnan -


Lyrics -


With Translation -

'Oh Gauri's lord, Lord, who lives in Kailasa, please grant me uninterrupted
devotion (like oil flow) in Hari, Oh Shambhu! '

'Oh, Mahadeva, I have day and night wandered the world as an enthusiastic
(worldly) servant, Please don't count my drawbacks, but,
Oh One adorned with serpents, please grant me the conducive dharma of
devotion to Vishnu!, Oh Shambhu!'
'Oh One who holds bhAgIrathi(=ganga) in your crest, please remove my fear,
Gently protect me always, oh Lord of all,
Oh One who loves devotees, grant me
the good fortune of worshipping Lord Vijayavitthala's feet without
slackening/delay, oh Sambhu!'



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