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> Dear friends,Pranams to you all.
>    Please permit me to share a very interesting anecdote .
> Quote; " I actually had some guy thatcame to my meeting one time, he came
> and he said, “I’ve been into Vedanta forthirty years. I know everything.
> I’ve read everything. I’ve studied everything.I don’t need anymore
> knowledge.” He said, “I seem to be missing one littlepoint, a little
> something.” He says, “It’slike I know everything about it. I just don’t
> know what it is.”            [John Wheeler : Transcriptions]
> Unquote.What is the reason for such a situation?

Dear Sir,

I am reminded of another anecdote Swami Paramarthananda ji recounted:  A
lady who had been attending his classes in Chennai for quite a long period,
some twenty odd years, one day came up to him and said: Swamiji, I am able
to grasp all that you have taught, except one thing: That which is called
'Atma' is beyond my comprehension!!

The humor can be very telling if it is stated in the language of that lady:
'......இந்த ஆத்மா, ஆத்மான்னு சொல்லறாளே, அது மட்டும் தான் புறியலை சுவாமிஜி.'

warm regards

With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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