[Advaita-l] 'Sin of Being Born a King'

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Tue May 1 02:09:40 EDT 2018

Sin of Being Born a King

Once the Maharaja of Mysore visited the Ashram. He would not visit Bhagavan
in the Hall and asked for a private interview. We were perplexed, for
Bhagavan never allowed such a thing. Whatever had to be said was said in
public, by letter, or in the mind. Finally, it was decided to bring the
Maharaja in when Bhagavan was having his bath. The Maharaja entered the
bathroom and we were all standing outside. Trays and trays of costly
presents and all kinds of sweets and dainties were offered at Bhagavan's
feet. For ten minutes the Maharaja just stood looking and then prostrated
before Bhagavan. Tears flowing from his eyes actually made Bhagavan's feet
wet. He sobbed for some time and went away.

A few days later the Maharani of Travancore also came to the Ashram. When
Bhagavan was sitting alone in the dining hall after lunch, I asked him:
"The Maharani was here. What did she do?"

"She asked many questions and went away."

"And the Maharaja of Mysore?"

"Oh, he is a ripe fruit," said Bhagavan, and with great feeling he
re-enacted the scene. We could almost see the Maharaja's eagerness, his
humility and sadness. The Maharaja had told him: "They made me a Maharaja
and bound me to a throne. For the sin of being born a king I lost the
chance of sitting at your feet and serving in your glorious presence. I
cannot stay here and I do not hope to come again. Only these few minutes
are mine. I can only pray for your grace."

Shantammal, Eternal Bhagavan.

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