[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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Any Avastha with beginning and end cannot be Brahman. Why? Because Brahman
is Unlimited and Unrestricted in every way. There may be bliss in Sushupti
but it is limited. It is not Unlimited and Unending.
If someone still argues Sushupti is the Brahman Bliss he belongs to
Kumbhakarana group. What happened to Kumbhakarana will happen to him.

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>   //“Thus did Yajnavalkya set Janaka beyond fear by a
>   brief reference to scriptural evidence.
>   Here, in a different connection, the states of
>   have been introduced in the words, 'Indha,' 'Has finer
>   food,' 'The different vital forces,' and 'This Self
>   is That which has been described as "Not this, not this//
> Your quotation does not negate the fact that in the subsequent portion of
> the bhAshya, ignorance is completely denied in the state of deep sleep,
> thereby treating deep sleep as supreme.
> //Obviously, the state of deep sleep has already been rejected as the
> Supreme//
> There is nothing obvious about this.
> Regards
> Kalyan
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