[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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>  Praveenji
> I have not misunderstood the bhAshya. It is you who have completely
> misunderstood the bhAshya. The bhAshya says at a number of places (not just
> one or two) that there is no ignorance, desires etc. in deep sleep. You
> have failed to respond to these quotations. See below -
> https://advaita-vedanta.org/archives/advaita-l/2018-May/049325.html
> When the bhAshya is so clear in itself, why then should anyone have the
> need to resort to a bhAshya on the bhAshya? When there is mention of deep
> sleep as free from avidya iin the bhAshya, what other clarification does
> one need?

The clarification is definitely needed for the mention of deep sleep as
free from avidya is not understood correctly.  In order to gain that
correct understanding of the bhashya statement the clarification, nay, the
very re-looking  at the bhashya is required. Shankara qualifies the avidya
that he says is absent in deep sleep as 'the one that projects duality'.
You have missed this adjective, quite evidently, or do not like to accept
it since it demolishes your erroneous theory with which you started off.
You think admitting the adjective there amounts to a dilution of the
bhashya.  On the other hand, the bhashya becomes even more clearer if it is
seen in the light of other bhashyas, such as the Mandukya.  In fact
theMandukya itself clearly distinguishes the waking/dream from the sleep
states as far as the two types of avidya are concerned.  Hence the need to
have a global understanding rather than being confined stubbornly to a
localised view of the bhashya.



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