[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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> Here is my shloka attempt to summarize the discussions, appealing to the
> heart with a simile rather than the head with cold reasoning!
> सुषुप्तेर्न तुरीयत्त्वं मायाबीजयुता यतः।
> सदृशयोर्न साम्यं हि पौण्ड्रकस्य न विष्णुता॥
> Since deep sleep is associated with mAyA in seed form, it is not turIya,
> the fourth. There is no equality of things that are similar (in this case
> suShupti and turIya, due to the absence of duality), just as (there is no
> equality between) PaunDraka and Krishna.
> Here, I have used an analogy from the bhAgavata, where the fake VAsudeva
> krishna aka PaunDraka, who imitates Krisna, challenges the real Krishna
> with disastrous consequences for himself. The story is found in bhAgavata
> 10.66.
> Anand

Thanks Anand ji, for aptly summarizing the discussion on hand.


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