[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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 There is no scope for any misunderstanding as there is an unqualified denial of avidya. Anyone who says avidya is still present, is only going against the teaching of the upanishad and Shankara.


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This is from B U bhAshya -

​​अत्र च एतत् प्रकृतम् — ***​​अविद्याकामकर्मविनिर्मुक्तमेव तद्रूपम् ***, यत् ***सुषुप्ते*** ​​आत्मनो गृह्यते प्रत्यक्षत इति ; 4.3.22

​What is this गृह्यते verb doing here in निर्गुणब्रह्म of your interpretation?​ This should at least prod one towards a possibility of misunderstanding. The right understanding is that its a recollection of आप्तकामम् आत्मकामम् which went by in 4.3.21. 

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