[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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 Namaste Dear Sri Raghavji
//I fear that stand of yours goes against ekavAkyatA of the upaniShat-pramANam , as has been pointed out - to say the different upaniShads teach diverse views (which are quite contradictory to each other on an important issue, to boot). And you wrote - //

Yes, I agree. In my opinion, it is impossible to conclude that the BU and MaU are giving the same teaching.
//1. Do you regard sleep as sAdhana?//

I am sorry sir, but that was my question - can we regard sleeping as a sAdhana. I am not saying we must sleep more and more, but for whatever duration that we sleep, can it be treated as a sAdhana?

//BU says avidyA is absent in sleep and isn't it desirable to prolong being in the "temporarily liberated state" called suShupti to foster its extension and continuance in to the waking state, presumably?//

I am not advocating prolonging sushupti as that is not possible. We need to sleep only for that amount of time that is healthy for the body and the mind. But my question is - For whatever duration that we sleep, can it be treated as a sAdhana, rather than an activity influenced by tamas?

//Similarly, what is your understanding of why sleep along with Alasya etc is put in the tamas category in the Gita?//
I am surprised that given that Lord Vishnu himself is sleeping a lot and experiencing bliss in the process, he chose to categorize sleep as tamasic in his incarnation as Krishna.  
//what according to you is the logical or saiddhAntika problem with the statement "avidyA persists in suShupti" other than that BU 4.3 bhAShya seems to talk differently. //

No logical problem, except that it contradicts BU and its bhAshya.

//Or are you saying that,  to say "avidyA is there in suShupti based on MaU" is *also* acceptable to you since different upaniShads teach differently?//

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