[Advaita-l] Sleep, tamas and brahman

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Ryan - PraNAms
Just some clarification.
tureeyam is not really the fourth - 
The Mandukya manthra 7 actually says - caturtam manyante - sa aatmaa - sa vijneyaH. It is CALLED as the fourth therefore it is not really the fourth as there is no fourth. It is the self only - sa aatmaa, and that has to realized -sa vijneyaH. The rest of the manthra provides what it is and how to enquire. 
It is called the fourth only because it is not the three states; yet is not the fourth since it pervades all the three and appears to be different from the three- from which they arise, sustain and go back into. 
The rest of the mantra points out for inquiry what it is and in essence how to realize or recognize too - as it says - it is shantam, shivam, advaitam -ekaatma pratyayasaaram, prapanchopashamam, adRiShTam, avyavahaaryam, etc. 
Realization of tureeyam is only knowing who am I, what is this world and how am I related to the world -all the nine yards - tat tvam asi of the Chandoya Up. 
Hari Om!Sadananda  

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 Namaste All
What an interesting thread.
These thoughts and questions  arise in the mind:
1. The आत्मन् in not known through logic or mental construction
2. Is the lack of avidya equivalent to Self Realisation? (I think not)
3. The openness and honesty of the members' postings is the real benefit of
such a discussion, not any logical conclusions

A verse from the अवधूत गीत kept returning to the forefront of the mind when
reading the new postings so it was looked up and it is presented here:
त्रितयतुरीयं नहि नहि यत्र विन्दति केवलमात्मनि तत्र ।
धर्माधर्मौ नहि नहि यत्र  बद्धो मुक्तः कथमिह तत्र ॥१ . ७४॥
Where there are neither the three states nor the fourth, there one attains
the Absolute in the Self.
How is it possible to be bound or free where there is neither virtue nor

In relation to advaita - knowing what turiya is and whether avidya is
experienced during deep sleep is secondary to knowing who I am.



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