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Intestingly, dvaitins often use this paUndraka example to refute the
advaitins' theory jeevo brahmaiva na aparaH..Though there is similarity
between jeeva and brahman in certain aspects, jeeva can never become
brahma.  The adjective 'simha sadrusha purusha' (ahaM  brahmAsmi)  does not
mean you yourself brahma or that purusha itself simha (courtesy Sri Jay
prabhuji of vAdAvaLi fame :-) so beware when you are sitting on par with
brahma and claiming that you yourself brahma :-) Anyway, let that me aside,
here prAjnA has been exaplined as sarvOpAdhi vinirmukta and mergence is
indeed with parabrahman since jeeva is always parabrahman.   sushuptikAle
cha parena Brahmana jeevaha ekatham gacchati, the individual has embraced
the highest reality that is prAjnA in deep sleep.  Therefore he does not
know anything outside or inside.  Here he is becomes free from body and
senses and thus becomes happy.  Atma svam AthmAnaM paraM brahma pravishya
vimuktha kAryakaraNasangataH akrthA sukhee bhavathi saMprasAdAvasthayaM.

agrahaNa of suShupti is analogous to total darkness. When you are in a
completely dark room, there is no vision of anything. So one can argue that
there is no mistaking a rope for a snake, and hence no fear! This leads to
a happiness which springs from the lack
of duality. Duality causes fear and also lack of duality means lack of
fear. However, this is not the same as Brahman experience which is a
positive experience. It is analogous to being in a brightly lit room, so
brightly lit that there is again no vision of objects in the room.
It is an intense, blinding light which destroys all duality.


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> Here is my shloka attempt to summarize the discussions, appealing to the
> heart with a simile rather than the head with cold reasoning!
> सुषुप्तेर्न तुरीयत्त्वं मायाबीजयुता यतः।
> सदृशयोर्न साम्यं हि पौण्ड्रकस्य न विष्णुता॥
> Since deep sleep is associated with mAyA in seed form, it is not turIya,
> the fourth. There is no equality of things that are similar (in this case
> suShupti and turIya, due to the absence of duality), just as (there is no
> equality between) PaunDraka and Krishna.
> Here, I have used an analogy from the bhAgavata, where the fake VAsudeva
> krishna aka PaunDraka, who imitates Krisna, challenges the real Krishna
> with disastrous consequences for himself. The story is found in bhAgavata
> 10.66.
> Anand

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