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> Namaskara,
> What is the function of bija mantras (kleem, kreem, shreem, etc;) as per
> smartha sadhana? Are they recommended or considered an impediment to jnana?

The function of bija mantras is to bring about chitta shuddhi, ekaagrata,
bhagavadanugraha, etc. to the aspirant. They are well recommended in the
samartha sampradaya. There is the practice, tradition, of a Guru initiating
a shishya into mantras with bija mantra/bija akshara.  For example, the
earlier Sringeri Acharya has given a very detailed description of His
Kundalini introduction and sadhana.  One mantra there is:

{The Bālā-Tripurasundarī-mantra is:
aiṁ klīṁ sauḥ sauḥ klīṁ aiṁ1

One can read two chapters from the book 'Yoga Enlightenment and
Perfection':  Download pdf here:


Read Chapters 6 and 10 for material on Kundalini in the above book.


> I've been reading that chanting these bija mantras, particularly those
> associated with goddess Kali can be dangerous if done so the wrong way.
> Should these mantras be left to the shaktas?
> Also if anybody can recommend me some books on Shakti/devi worship I'd
> appreciate it. Thanks.
> Santosh
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