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Dear Friends,                         Here is the  message from the Master

1)       As long as a man doesn’t become inward, his pains do not end. Keep calling Him, and become inward.2)       Lord has two feet- Right and Left. The Right foot has joy, peace, happiness; the Left foot has disease, grief, sorrows. Whichever foot He puts forward, hold it and say ‘Guru Guru Guru’ - The end of Joys and sorrows.3)   “ Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare  “    .Always chant this Mahamantra .You need not worry about anything.4)      Blow away disease, grief, sorrow, pain, poverty, unrest with the Holy name, and proceed. Chant Naam while eating, lying down, rising, sitting – Hail Naam, Hail Naam.5)      No need to renounce family. No need to go to forest. However you are, you can proceed towards the spiritual plane, the kingdom of Bliss.6)      Speak the Truth – Truth is Lord. One who can resort to Truth quickly reaches the Goal.7)      Leave evil company, evil discussion, all addictions. Always be pure.8)      Happiness is not in material pleasures – happiness resides in restraint, renunciation and prayers always.9)       Scriptures are true, scriptures are flawless; one who takes the shelter of scripture will be embraced by the Lord.10)   Pure food habit, holy acts, worship in Time-- With this, Oh Dear! You will see the Divine.11)   Instead of seeing the other’s faults, always look at your own faults. Your faults are keeping you away from your blissful identity.12)   Lord is ready to appear – the mirror of your heart lacks mercury – how will you visualize His image there?13)   Even if you are sinner, agonised, having thousands of faults – still if you take shelter by saying ‘ I am dedicated to you’ – you will surely attain Lord’s grace – There is no doubt about it.14)   Bliss is within – it can be found when Man becomes inward.15)   By knowing Guru, Mantra, Deity to be One and by chanting ‘Guru Guru’, Bliss is attained spontaneously. Of all worships, none is comparable to devotion for Guru.16)   Knowing everything to be Lord’s images, practice offering Pranam[obeisance]. He only has taken all forms, Man sees friend-foe, good-bad because of his sins.17)Question arise in the mind of he who practices, the rest have no occasion for questions. 18)If you can’t become desireless with effort, then fill your heart and mind with His Holy Name, …there will be no place left for any desire.19)Those who are capable of chanting Naam ceaselessly, are ferried across automatically by Naam, to His abode. Nam Sankirtan purifies the moveable and immobile worlds, and unveils a new lease of Energy…20)Why is it that people fall even after resorting to Naam? The principle reason is bad Prarabdha [accumulated fruits of deeds]. Despite the fact that prarabdha makes a person fall, Naam lifts him afresh.21)As long as there is a stock of accumulated i.e Prarabdha, no joy is derived by Japa [chanting]. Even then, Japa shouldn’t be considered futile.  Keep doing Japa whether you realize any pleasure or not—I am sure that ultimately you will experience the grace of Divine Mother!22)You need not renounce the family, you wont have to go to the forest. Wherever you are, you can still progress on the spiritual path and dwell in the world of Bliss! The suffering is only because of the sense of ‘me’ and ‘mine’…23)There is One Who is the Controller of the whole Universe.. He regulates the sun, the moon, stars, planets,  all the atoms and molecules…24) Nobody is independent, everyone is a puppet in God’s play, and has to dance to His tunes…25)God is the Master of actions… we are his servants. Whatever we do, may it be for HIS pleasure. Let us not undertake any work that will displease HIM.’ Those who work with this sentiment will succeed in gaining eternal Bliss on earth.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana MastuKameswara

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