[Advaita-l] euthanasia and jivasamadhi

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Sri Vinobabhave fasted unto his death .In Tamil culture there is a process called Vadakkiruthal  or Vadakkirunthu uir neethal.There is a reference to this practice in Sanga Kala Tamil literature.One poet by name Pisir Andhayar (Pisir refers to his birth place)sat facing the North ( in Tamil Vadakku means North)and gave up his life when he came to know of the death of his friend and King Ko Peruchozhan in the battle field.Probably the poet refused to eat anything offered and simply sat facing North.Northern direction is auspicious to look at as the abode of Lord Shiva is in that direction in the Mount Kailas
So giving up life due to depression or dejection is not intended here.Jiva samadhi is not to be equated with euthanasia .The thinking is different .

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> the former is depression followed by frustration.  The later is a yogic path and the
> physical body is shed with ecstasy.  
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