[Advaita-l] A seminal Truth explained by Bhagavan Ramana

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Sat May 12 22:37:09 EDT 2018

A seminal Truth explained by Bhagavan Ramana

Q: Will there be knowledge in the liberated state?

Ramana:  If there is no knowledge that is called sleep. Only if there is
knowledge it is the liberated state. But then, this knowledge is not the
one that occurs due to knower-known objectivity. It is Full Knowledge,
Purna Jnanam. There are two meanings for 'knowledge': 1. vaachyaartham - is
vrtti jnana and 2. Lakshyaartham is (svarupa) jnanam.

The above clarification of Bhagavan goes a long way in settling this doubt
that plagues many a seeker of the Advaita path. Brahman, that is what the
seeker is, is called Jnanam by the Taittiriya Upanishad: Satyam, Jnanam,
Anantam.  The Brihadaranyaka calls it 'Vijnanam Anandam'. Thus, the svarupa
of the seeker is this Svarupa Jnanam. Liberation is to know that one is
this svarupa jnanam.  This occurs through the vritti jnanam 'aham brahma
asmi.'  The vritti rises and lapses and does not stay after the body of the
Jnani is gone, for there is no apparatus to either generate it or maintain
it. But what exists forever is the Svarupam that is Brahman.

Om Tat Sat

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