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Namaste sreenivasa murthy ji
You have quoted some relevant and  direct instructions from shruti about
AtmA viz., pratibodha-viditam matam...

It would be nice if you could share with members ,  what exactly or how the
meaning of this verse was elaborated or taught to you in much more detail,
(regarding the relevant verse from kenopaniShad viz.,
Pratibodha-viditam etc ...)  to better appreciate this important mantra.



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> Dear friends,
>     Who Am I?    I Am I    What Am I? Sri Shankara gives the answer thus
> in the commentary to
>   mantra 2-1-10 of Kathopanishad :"vijnAnaikarasaM nairantaryENa AkASavat
> paripUrNaM brahmaivAhamasmi ||
> How to realize/cognize that  fact "brahmaivAhamasmi ||"
> Sri Shankara says in his commentary to mantra
> 2-4 of Kena Upanishad thus:    kathaM tu tadbrahma samyagviditaM Bavati?
>    ityevamarthamAha-         pratibOdhaviditaM matam
> amRutatvaM hi vindatE |        AtmanA vindatE vIryaM               vidyayA
> vindatE^mRutam ||
> Thus AtmajnAna was imparted by my Revered Guru.
> I am sharing this wisdom with like-minded readers.
> With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy
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