[Advaita-l] In praise of ISKCON?!

Santosh Rao srao.dilya at gmail.com
Fri May 18 08:27:52 EDT 2018

Iskcon is a self serving cult that pollutes authentic gaudiya philosophy
with their own little agendas, such as elevating Jesus and putting down
Lord Shiva. Not to mention their literature speaks about sankaracharya with
a forked tongue.

Unfortunately iskcon is able to wrestle away the narrative from authentic
sources of information because their leaders are keen on communicating to
younger devotees in English, who in turn have the energy to spread
misinformation about Vedanta.

Meanwhile the traditionalists don't seem to be very eager at all to engage
with younger crowd, they will only talk about Vedanta amongst themselves,
in their own native tounges, within their own community bubbles. Then they
wonder why the younger crowd is going astray. It's pretty sad.



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> praNAms Sri Kalyan prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> //But for the inmates and close circle disciples,  the style of teaching
> of achintya philosophy will be entirely different and will be taught in
> suca a way that  holding the Advaita /mAyAvAda / shankara as mahA pUrva
> paxa :-)// Dear Sri Bhaskarji There is nothing wrong in considering advaita
> as pUrvapaxa. Advaitins also consider many schools as pUrvapaxa. However, I
> have noticed that the writings of Prabhupada and other Isckonites tend to
> demonize advaitins. That is wrong. ISKCON is less about scholarly criticism
> and more about propaganda.
> >  Yes, that is right, that is the reason why I said "mahA pUrva paxa"
> with a smile sign, a diplomatic way of acknowledging their aversion towards
> advaita  ...rascals, scoundrels are some of the common prefixes whenever
> prabhupAda addresses mAyAvAdins :-)
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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