[Advaita-l] In praise of ISKCON?!

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat May 19 19:34:34 EDT 2018

Murali k methusala8 at gmail.com wrote:
> One good thing is this group acts as the evangelical arm of Hinduism. It
> has brought people into the fold of Sanatana Dharma.
Not sure what you're trying to say above, but I certainly agree that organizations
like ISKCON are still better than Islam, or Christianity (or worse). But of course,
we should put Advaita Vedanta as being the highest and the foremost!
balagopal ramakrishnan rbalpal at yahoo.co.in wrote:
> organisations like ISKCON are helping those lesser qualified from running away to more worse conditions of ISIS, Pentecost etc !
> ...
> So this 'mithya' is better of than the other more cantankerous 'mithyas' !
That's funny! :-D
V Subrahmanian v.subrahmanian at gmail.com wrote:
> We often come across incidents where Vaishnava Sampradaya svamis or
> scholars behaving in the most reprehensible ways:
> They ask a screen to be put to cover a Shiva shrine where they are invited to lecture.
> They object to a picture of Shankaracharya in the premises where they have come to deliver a talk.
I made sure to let the host(ess) know that there are many ISKCONites who indulge in putting down Shiva.
And that such repulsive activity can be traced to none other than Prabhupada himself."So be cautious!"
Balasubramanian Ramakrishnan rama.balasubramanian at gmail.com wrote:
> He has a generic "for all people" talk about bhakti and a separate one for the
> in-the-know srivaishnava-s where he talks about shankara was a vaishnava, etc.
Yes, I listened to the ISKCON speaker for only an hour or so. He could definitely be having
hidden agendas not revealed in such gatherings.
> Would it not be better spending the two hours doing veda pArAyaNam or japam or something?
Although someone has rice and dal regularly (analogy: Vedic chanting), sometimes, they may occasionally
prefer lemon rice (analogy: Bhakti discourse).

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