[Advaita-l] HH Sri Sannidhanam Speaks on a variety of topics

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Sun May 20 03:07:28 EDT 2018

HH Sri Sannidhanam Speaks on a variety of topics

Here is a talk by HH Sri Sannidhanam, Sri Vidhushekhara Bharati Swaminjah
of Sringeri, in Telugu, in the form of a dialogue.


The questions posed to him are addressed in an extremely mature way.  The
stamp of the Shankara Parampara is vibrantly visible in his replies,
expositions, analogies, etc. His devotion and reverence to Acharya
Bhagavatpada, his mastery of the Tattva, Shastra, Dharma, etc. and the
manner of conveying their essence, is all so very well in tune with his own
Guru and his purvacharyas,  Really feeling proud of him. Blessed we are to
be in his times.  'Vidhushekhara Bharati, Sharada peetha saarathi.'

Even others who are not familiar with Telugu can benefit a lot from the
recording.   The URL to the video is useful in forums where videos cannot
be attached. It is easy to share.

Please share this talk with all friends, groups, etc.

Om Tat Sat

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