[Advaita-l] HH Sri Sannidhanam Speaks on a variety of topics

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Sun May 20 22:36:27 EDT 2018

On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 7:57 AM, ravi chandrasekhara <vadhula at yahoo.com>

> Namaste,
> Does Mahasannidhanam explain/reconcile the Puranic events re: forms of
> this Brahman. Such as Shiva cutting brahma's head, Ganesha and the Monn,
> etc. Are these just arthavaada or events orchestrated by Ishwara to teach
> us a lesson/grace or punish us ? I am fluent in Hindi and Kannada and could
> be probably only follow rudimentary Telugu.

Sri Sannidhanam is not touching upon those Puranic incidents as no question
on these was raised by the devotee in the video.  That the portrayal of one
deity as low and another as high, etc. in the Puranas are arthavada is very
explicitly stated by the author of the Narayaneeyam which can be studied as
a separate topic.


> Ravi Chandrasekhara

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